Box Mapper: Dragon's Maze Edition v1.3.3

This release is targeting (fixing) a very small percentage of shuffled boxes. This will test which unscrambling method we will be using in upcoming versions. Be sure to get the FREE Box Appraiser app first to determine if your sleeve map is compatible.

Improved row shifting.
Land mapping has been implemented!
Foil support has been added to Box Mapper DGM Edition.

There will be quite a few initial updates to address common issues and general improvements.
The following features are currently being worked on:

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Box Appraiser: DGM Edition
Is the free version of the app which includes all of the pricing, valuation and data recording features minus the mapping capabilities. If you would like to see "Made in Belgium" support added to the Mapper, please submit your Belgium boxes with this free Appraiser app. Be sure to get this FREE Box Appraiser first to see if your sleeve map will be compatible with the Mapper.

Download Links (Appraiser):

Box Mapper: DGM Edition v1.2.8
Box Appraiser: DGM Edition